Warranty and Return Policy


SimplePUMP Company took all the benefits of traditional pumps – and improved them. Then we took all the disadvantages – and got rid of them. The result… an incredibly durable and efficient water pump that lasts for generations. It’s simple to install, easy to operate and maintain, and easy to use.
For the combination of quality, features, hand/solar ability in one pump and moderate price, there’s nothing that can match it.



Manufacturing Defects

SimplePUMP Company determines whether a part has failed due to defect or abuse. SimplePUMP Company may require digital pictures of the failed part, the return of that part to SimplePUMP Company, or both, as a condition of granting credit for the replacement. Most of the time photos will be sufficient, which means speedy resolution of any warranty issue.

For the US: In case of manufacturing defects, but not customer abuse, any part will be replaced and shipped, via best method, to the customer’s site, at no charge. When return of the part is required by SimplePUMP Company, SimplePUMP Company will pay shipping fees, but only if SimplePUMP Company specifies how the part will be shipped, including mode, carrier and speed of service.

Outside the US: In case of manufacturing defects, but not customer abuse, any part will be replaced. Customer will be responsible for shipping.

Routine Maintenance and Parts Not Covered by Warranty

Routine maintenance consists of seal replacement. Interval varies according to amount and type of use. Roughly 3 to 10+ years.

Parts that are not covered by the warranty are those with an expected lifetime that varies in direct proportion to wear from normal use (“Wear Parts”). Wear parts include U-cup seals (on the piston in the cylinder, and the rod gland in the pump head), and three graphite-impregnated bronze bushings (over pins that keep the pump lever, and related assemblies, moving easily together).

Warranty Duration

With the exception of the SimplePUMP DC motor drives and the Wear Parts (u-cup seals), all SimplePUMP Company products are warranted against defective materials and workmanship for a period of five (5) years from the date of purchase.
The Groscopp gearmotors are warranted against defective materials and workmanship for a period of 18 months from the date of purchase. Routine maintenance consists of brush replacement, which may be needed after 5,000 hours of operation. Other motor unit components are warrantied for five years.

Coverage Limited to Supported Configurations

The greatest pumping depth possible is that for hand-pumping to ground level at ambient pressure — a static water level of 325 feet. The maximum for a particular well is then determined by the combination of several factors, including whether pumping into a pressurized plumbing system, or using manual or motor to power. Additionally, when using the Motor Extension, the maximum supported depth depends on the capacity of the pump cylinder used, and the voltage at which it is run.
For further details on factors affecting pumping depth limitations, see

Installation, Use and Maintenance Consistent with Documentation

Installation, use and maintenance of both the well and Simple Pump equipment must be consistent with the documentation provided by SimplePUMP Co.


Due to our thorough quoting process and reliance on being provided with accurate information, we do not accept returns for systems or parts that have been installed and/or used.

Within 2 months of the system or parts ship date where systems or parts have not been removed from original packaging or no installation has been attempted could be accepted for return upon review and approval by Simple Pump Company, LLC.

In the event a return is approved, the customer is responsible for shipping the system and/or parts back to:
2516 Business Parkway, Unit B, Minden, Nevada 89423.

There will be a restocking fee of $100, and an inspection for wear or use will be done once received. Any items showing signs of use will not be refunded.

Upon completion of the inspection, the determined amount per this policy, will be returned to the customer by way of a check.