Comparing the SimplePUMP Hand Pump to Others

Why SimplePUMP” lists many advantages of our pumps.

As an altertative, this page lists some sensible and simple questions (like price and pumping effort) so YOU can determine which pump is best for your needs.

Some Factors to Think About

  • TOTAL COST, ready to pump water
  • Ability to pump into your home’s pressure tank
  • EFFORT required to pump
  • Materials used (SimplePUMP – stainless steel, food-grade PVC)
  • Length of Warranty (5 years for SimplePUMP)
  • Average cost of maintenance (Most clients find $30 seal replacement every three to ten+ years.)

Some Specific Questions to Ask

1. What is the FULL price, with shipping and ready to pump?

2. What is the clearance needed down the well?

3. Is the pump designed to share a casing with a submersible?….or must it be installed in a dedicated well? (Most hand pumps need a dedicated well: they are too large to be installed in most wells with a submersible.)

4. How deep can water comfortably be pumped from?
Most hand-operated pumps can only operate to 150 to 200 feet — and even then only with great effort. SimplePUMP can pump from 325 feet with only moderate effort.

5. How much pumping effort from, for example, 100 foot static? (SimplePUMP requires only six pounds.)

6. What is the weight of the mechanism? (for installation and maintenance)

7. What is the frequency of expected maintenance?

8. Can the pump deliver water at pressure into a household plumbing or irrigation system? Or is it only spill-over delivery into an over reservoir or bucket?

9. What are the materials of construction? Are those materials NSF and/or Safe Drinking Water act approved?

10. Is a lifting rig needed for installation? (SimplePUMP installs by hand in most wells, with a few simple, standard tools – e.g. Allent wrenches and vice grips.)

11. Do they offer a conversion kit to upgrade a hand-operateed pump to motorized?

12. What is the shipping cost?

13. Is the pump made in the USA?

14. What security measures protect against theft?

15. How much water per minute?

16. Is the pump freeze-proof?

No other pump has the balance of economy and quality that the SimplePUMP offers you.



My wife and I both believe strongly in buying local and supporting local business. However, in this instance, we do not hesitate to endorse the SimplePUMP over the locally made Bison Pump.

Jackson, ME

SimplePUMP is of superior quality and capability compared to other pumps that cost much more. In fact, we think there is simply no better pump in this category — at ANY price.