Example System Pricing

THE ONLY HAND-PUMP that gives you full use of all your home’s taps and plumbing fixtures, even from deep wells.


Example Configuration and Pricing

100 foot deep well, static water level at 50 feet
Your quote would be customized to your well’s specifications.

Item Cost
Pump Head Assembly $500
24″ Handle Assembly $65
6″ Well Cap $95
Top Drop Pipe / Lift Rod Unit with weep hole to freeze-proof $45
(9) Drop Pipe / Lift Rod Units $450
5 gallon per minute Pump Cylinder $350
Check Valve with Pressure Gauge
To pump into your pressure tank or uphill.
Spare seal kit $30
Safety Tool for installation $25
FedEx Ground $130
TOTAL $1,670


Pump Head
24" Handle
6" Well Cap
Top Drop Pipe
9" Drop Pipe Kits
Pump Cylinder
Check Valve
Spare seal kit
Installation tool
My wife can even operate it with one hand and very little effort (from 120 feet water level). It has the water flowing in just a few seconds. Piece of cake.North Carolina

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Consider: What are you getting for your dollar?

You can find cheap pumps, but they can’t pump from very far down, you pump into a bucket rather than have full use of your home’s plumbing system system, and parts or all of the pump may be made of plastic!

You can find other “serious” and seemingly comparable pumps. They are more substantially made than the cheap pumps, but most can only pump to a bucket or non-pressure tank. They require around FIVE TIMES the pumping effort. And they are 25-50% more expensive than Simple Pump! See here for more details on pricing considerations.

We are confident that if you do a detailed comparison, you’ll find no other pump comes close to the combination of QUALITY PLUS ECONOMY Simple Pump offers you.