How Will You Get Water When the Power Goes Out?

With SimplePUMP, Be Prepared for Anything – Come What May


Severe power outage. This image shows the reconstruction of felled pylons, from an ice storm.

The Power WILL Go Out — Short or Long-Term

Hand Pump mounted on well cap.Ice storms, snow storms, tornados, hurricanes, floods and forest fires, routinely leave rural areas without power for weeks and sometimes even months at a time. Not to mention the aging of power grid infrastructure which is prone to shutdown.

Then there are less-common but more serious potential risks like cyber attack, nuclear attack, terrorist attack on the grid, or solar EMP.

If you have your own well, an ultra-reliable pump that doesn’t rely on the grid, is the best piece of mind you can buy — No Matter What.

The best security of all — any motorized SimplePUMP can be converted back into a hand pump in about 10 minutes. No other motorized pump on the planet offers this capability.

Generators are Vulnerable, Expensive and Noisy

In a grid-down situation, the best backup is not one that relies on another complex infrastructure for fuel and parts. Unlike a generator, SimplePUMP gives you access to your water even in the worst case scenario of an EMP.

A generator purchased for less than the price of a SimplePUMP will not provide enough power to run a submersible pump. Having a SimplePUMP frees up your generator for other household uses.

Find out Why SimplePUMP is better, BY FAR, than any other hand pump here.

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