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We have not had to use the pump.  Thankfully.  
But we "exercise" it every month or so.  Now and then we connect it into out domestic water system with a fitted garden hose.  I do not believe many (if any) other hand pumps will work efficiently like this.
It is very well designed (no pun intended) and beautifully made of the most appropriate materials.
The installation went smoothly.
Every homeowner lucky enough to have their own well should consider installing one.

By word of mouth and people seeing for themselves, we have definitely promoted the simple pump! We're at the two year mark this month and couldn't be happier. We've made it through two Maine winters without any problems. It's easy enough for our 3 and 5 year old daughters to use! Thanks for a great product!

I'm very happy with the Simple Pump. It’s great knowing that our next power outage will be with water!!! It was very easy to install. I had a couple of buddy's over and we had it in and working in just over an hour. The instructions were clear and concise I think anyone with a pitiless adaptor could easily install this with out a professional. Thanks for this great product.
BC, Canada 

Thank you for the professionalism in which your manufacturing and customer service is rendered.  I very much appreciate that in this day and age.

We got it installed and everything is wonderful. Works great. Thank you, Simple Pump.

The two other friends who assisted were impressed with the quality of the unit. 
Thanks again for making one of my dreams come true — being able to pump water manually.
New Mexico

I LOVE the pump.  My 3-year old grandson likes to pump water out of it with no problem!

I am soooo happy that i installed a hand pump. This winter our pipes froze and we had water from our hand pump!! 

I LOVE my Simple Pump.

The simple pump installation was a breeze - fit into the well casing along side the powered pump pvc+wiring. Thank you. The guy who installed it for me liked it so much he may be buying one for a relative.
Kudos to you and everyone at your company for a great product and customer service.

Thanks for the pump. I can't believe the quality. The working mechanism is so smooth and easy to use. It has given me such peace of mind knowing if the electricity ever goes, I will have water.
Thank you for the excellent service.

It's a thoughtfully designed and very well-crafted product that I'm proud to own. The simple pump staff are the most attentive and helpful.

I installed this pump myself. This Simple pump kit was really well thought out and easy to install with very good instructions.

I do have a short story to tell you. For several months I had been considering putting in a simple pump for a back-up water supply.  Finally I decided that I would put in a Simple pump.  I decided I would wait to put in the pump after I received my refund check from the IRS.  The Lord had other ideas.  2 weeks after I had made my decision to install the Simple pump, my submersible pump quit.  Since I had already decided to install the Simple pump, it was an easy decision to order the new well cap and have it sent overnight delivery. 
I pulled the existing pump and installed the new seal that would accommodate both my submersible, and the simple pump as well.  I then order the rest of the parts and installed the Simple Pump as instructed.  Assembly was a breeze.  My simple pump was set at 108 feet just 2 feet above my existing submersible.  I tested it and everything worked as it should. 



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