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My brother and I removed the old submersible pump, the most difficult part of the installation, pulling 20' sections of pipe out of the well 4' at a time with the boom hoist on the tractor. After that,  putting in the Simple Pump was a breeze. The parts were all there and well described the directions were well written and easy to follow. With a set of vise-grips and a pair of channel-locks, in a couple of hours we had water. It took quite a bit of work to get the water up that 180' that first time but now even if it hasn't been used for a couple of weeks all it takes is 6 or 7 strokes of the handle to bring up the water, I do recommend this device for it's simplicity and ease of operation. Thank you for what I believe to be a superior product, and thank you for including a rebuild kit.
Moscow Township, Wisconsin

We have a Simple Pump at our primary residence in the Poconos. I installed it myself back in 1999 and have been using it as a backup ever since. It goes down in the well approximately 200 feet.
As a result of Hurricane Sandy last October and our subsequent loss of power for eight days, I plumbed a 50 gallon drum upstairs in our geodesic dome. Since all of my plumbing is on the first floor the drum provides water for washing, cooking, and flushing toilets when the power is out.
Using a check valve with the Simple Pump, and a little creative plumbing, I can either pressurize my internal system or use it to refill the drum upstairs.  Since I also installed a solar backup system I plan to add your DC motor pump to eliminate the manual pumping.
Great product!

Our Simple Pump has exceeded all expectations, and I have a great sense of accomplishment each time I pump a pail of water. Ours is a small acreage in central Texas that is currently in extreme drought. Our 100 year old hand dug well was always problematic and finally went dry, so I had a new much deeper well drilled and installed the Simple Pump. And - I just discovered today - the old hand dug well has had a serious cave-in and is now a safety hazard. It will have to be filled in. The new well and Simple Pump were installed just in time and we can go on without any worry.

I'm a big fan of implementing the simplest solutions possible and the Simple Pump has been a key part of efficiently meeting our water requirements without adding unnecessary complexity or cost.

We live in Washington and purchased the Simple Pump for emergency backup, as we have horses that would require water if we lost commercial power.  It is great to have peace of mind.

My son and I installed the Simple Pump and it went exactly as planned. The kit was complete and the instructions made installation a breeze! I would highly recommend your company to anybody looking to install a manual pump system. Hats off to you and your company!
RG, Michigan

I do need to tell you how very satisfied I am with my Simple Pump. It is of great comfort to know that if the power should go out for any length of time we still can pump our drinking water and flush toilets with buckets of water. The nearest neighbors all have asked that should something happen can they get their drinking water from my back up well?
Yes they can.
Thanks for a super product.
South Louisiana

The Simple Pump installation went smoothly by our professional drilling company even though this was his first Simple Pump installation. Our new well is about 64', and we had no trouble getting a good flow of water. We have not used it all winter. It has been a particularly nasty winter here in Ohio but when warm weather arrives, we'll try it out again.  We wanted the pump for emergency situations, but luckily we haven't had that happen yet. 

We also purchased a stand-by generator, but there has even been a propane shortage here due to widespread arctic weather for days on end, making shipments of propane scarce. Our supplier has maintained only a 15% propane level for customers, bringing about 50 gallons at a time...wishing for a home in Florida right now!

It is comforting to know that in a 'worse-case' scenario, we will still have a water supply for ourselves and our livestock.  In our opinion, every family should have a Simple Pump.




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