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Basically, I LOVE my Simple Pump and it fulfilled every promise you made. It was easy to install (I did it myself in a few hours), easy to use and very well made. Plus, the feeling of independence is uncomparable...short of living on a lake. Come what may, my family and I will have fresh water... as long as someone is able to walk out to the yard and work the pump handle a few times. What an AWESOME feeling!
Great product, lives up to the claims and worth every penny.
Sequim, WA

I chose a simple pump because of its simplicity, ability to repair it myself, and pump from deep water if necessary. Scott Hunt out of Pickens SC is an excellent installer and resource regarding pumping water and powering pumps. He helped several of my friends install simple pumps as well come up with plans based on needs, means, and location (size well casing to install, water depth, existing structures, future uses). The pump is excellent and I may use Scott to help me with another project.
A very satisfied SC customer.

I purchased the Simple pump for my well. The pump and pipe arrived promptly with all the parts I needed to install it. My well is 120 feet deep, submersible pump at 100’, static water level at 60’. The simple pump is at 90’. The pump works great, more than I expected. I can attach a double ended water hose to the pump and a nearby hose bib and pressurize my home water system. 25 strokes equals one pound of pressure in my pressure tank. If the power is out this works fine for domestic water.

I installed the simple pump with my brother in about 30 minutes.
I used a professional well and pump company to change well cap because my well did not have a pitless adapter but the discharge pipe came through the well cap.
The company I called was Olsen Well Drilling in Vancouver Washington. I am very glad that I used Olsen Well Drilling as they pointed out that I had pipe centralizers every 10 feet on my discharge pipe. This would have made it impossible for me to install the Simple Pump. They pulled out my pump and removed the centralizers reinstalled the pump and installed the new well cap for the quoted price plus a very reasonable  charge for pulling the pump and pipe. I will definitely use Olsen Well Drilling for any future needs.
I am pleased with my Simple Pump.
Vancouver Washington

I researched many hand pumps and decided on the Simple Pump because I was impressed with the materials & workmanship of the system. I knew It would be at least 100' to water which disqualifies many of the less expensive pumps. I also like the option of adding a 12v motor. The well driller I used offered to help me install the Simple Pump at no charge. I was very familiar with the videos before we started the installation, the process was vey easy.
I live in Florida so we are prone to hurricanes, once we were without electricity for a week, this pump would have came in handy. I believe in being prepared, food storage is very important, but you won't last long without fresh water. Our Simple Pump is one of the best decisions we've made in a long time.

Great pump. Works terrific. Thank you again for the more than satisfactory product.
Southern California, USA

We installed the pump last summer right after we received it. My son-in-law and I did it in a couple easy hours. The pump works great and is just what we needed at our remote cabin. 
Thanks a lot.

I am very glad to have had the pump through the recent snow storm that we just had.  Having to go out to your backyard to pump your own water is better than not having any water at all when the power goes out!

Just so you know, I got it installed and it works just like it should. Thanks for everything. I would recommend this pump to anyone looking for a pump.... it's a well built piece.

We still think it’s one of the best investments we’ve made.

We are preparing to sell our house and the most recent lookers are very interested and pleased to have the backup hand pump.  It has definitely been a good investment.  You guys make a great product that does exactly what you advertise.



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