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I did the installation myself about 2 months ago and am very satisfied.

I needed a pump that would reach 240' (bottom of well with 75' head).  This was one of the only pumps that would reach that far within my budget that I could install myself.  Installation was easy due to instructions and videos (very good -- made difference for me because I am a hands-on person).  Someone with little bit of hands on sence could easily install yourself.  Only thing to be careful about was not to cross thread pipe pieces and just take your time and not hurry. 

Mine runs next to 3/4hp electric pump with no issues.  This system gave me piece of mind for good price in having back up if power went down.  I have it hooked up to 150 gal pressure tank which works excellent.  My recommendation when plumbing into existing systems is to use lots of unions and shut off valves.  Excellent system for do it yourselfer or pro. 

Red Rock, Texas

I had a neighbor and another friend help with the installation, ONLY because I had to switch the pipe and electric lines from the 220v main well pump, when the well cap was switched to the new (Simple Pump) one. I was intimidated by both the wiring, and the presumed weight of the currently installed pump. Once I found that the submerged 220v pump/piping/wiring weren't that heavy, I could have done it all with one other person (though experience would be most helpful).

The pump is truly 'simple', and works like a charm. I got the bigger/heavier pump handle, and probably didn't even need it, as the flow is perfectly adequate from less effort. The quality is superb -- period. Everything fits like a glove, and the aluminum/stainless metalwork is top quality (and I've worked in a metal stamping department that couldn't compete).

No buyer's remorse from this user!
Stoneville, NC

We started thinking about a hand pump a couple years ago. The simple pump being able to pump into the house was a great bonus, better than filling buckets to flush the toilet, and actually the price wasn't as high as I expected.

Very nice looking in our pump house, in fact my husband now thinks it needs a facelift to go with the pump!

The idea of having water during power outages is a no brainer and I figured in case of long term outages, if we have water, we'll be able to barter other necessities.  We haven't had to use the pump yet, we've only played with it, it is very smooth running and easy to pump, I was surprised. But we haven't actually had to fill the house pipes, when we do I'll be sure to shoot you a quick email and let you know how it goes.

Thank you for an awesome product!
Southern Oregon

I installed the system myself, it works great. Am getting about 3 gpm and am pumping into a 500 gal tank as needed.  I also installed the pitless adapter and dc motor which runs off solar and wind-charged battery bank. The motor is very efficient as there is very little voltage drop compared with other blowers and various motors I use out there as well. Also; I had no helpers and knew nothing of wells. My biggest fear was dropping everything down the well during installation, but the holder tool worked perfect. The simple pump system worked perfect for our off grid needs. 

The cool thing is that if my batteries run out, or something happens to my panels, I will always have water as I can always spare a second to put the pump handle back on and give the kids something to do :)



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