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Hello Simple Pump folks,
We installed our Simple Pump by ourselves and it went fairly smoothly. We realized we had missed a step and had to go back to redo it, but it wasn't the fault of the directions. The were were very clear and easy to follow. Even with that, it only took us about 60-90 minutes.

After we installed the pump, we disinfected the system, had the water tested and we now have potable water. Our friends are amazed, and we think it is the coolest thing ever.


I installed the simple pump with the help of my father-in-law.  We completed the install in about 3 1/2 hours with 100' of drop pipe and the install went very smoothly.

I don't have any previous experience, nor do I have any plumbing experience. The installation process was very straightforward, and I appreciate the time your team spent helping me piece together the best application for my needs.

We feel very secure now knowing we now have a plan B in place.  We also have 150ft of RV rated hose which we can run downhill to our house from our well head and I'll be able to pressurize the tank in our basement directly from the Simple Pump if we have a power outage.


I installed the pump myself together with another guy, a plumber with well experience and am very happy with it. Btw, as I am sourcing the water for the house water system from the same well using a motor-pump, I connected the pump to the water system so that by pumping, I am pushing the water in the same system as the motor-pump. Very convenient backup indeed. And it's comforting to have a backup in case of my motor-pump failure, grid failure, or anything else.

Happy 2013 and successful business flow!
Czech Republic

We absolutely love our Simple Pump. It gives us the peace of mind of being able to get water any time the power is out. I use it even when the power is on to get drinks on hot summer days. It is the best investment a rural land owner can make.
Bowling Green Indiana

The Simple Pump worked perfectly and gives us a workable hand well that can be used at any time.
Deming, NM

I am over 70 years old, and live in an Atlantic state, where winter days can be bitter.  My need was for a back-up system, in case of an extended power outage.  Since such a outage could occur in inclement weather, I chose to add another Pitless adaptor, and connect underground, into the existing water system.

The installation guide suggested that professional experience is needed for handling a Pitless adaptor installation. I agree, especially for a deep well.  The professional installer made the job look simple, but connecting to that adapter is something I would not attempt.  If it had been the standard installation, with the outlet near the pump handle, the task seemed quite do-able for a pair of average young men.




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