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The quality of the unit is top notch. Using your video and the enclosed instructions, I installed the unit in less than two hours taking it slow and easy. The process is well within the abilities of the average do-it-yourselfer. My neighbors and I now have a dependable source of water no matter what the weather does. The hand pump raised water from 100 ft. in only a few pumps.

I installed the pump this Fall at 11,000 feet and it is still working during the cold winter this year!!! I installed it with another person and it was very easy.

I am pleased to tell you that I have had mine installed. My installer, Allen Well Drilling of Murphy, NC, bought it from you and installed it a couple of weeks ago. It took 2 men about an hour to put it in and I could not be more pleased. It is all you said. As I watched the men putting it in, I was impressed with the quality of the construction of the pump. Not only is it the perfect back up source, but it is so easy to use that my wife can do it with one hand. Its a great value.
Thank you for making a quality product. I would recommend it to anyone considering a back-up way to get water out of a well.
Ellijay, GA

Our purchasing experience was a good one.  Your company answered all our questions and were very helpful.

I installed the pump myself (with a friend) and it works great. Thanks for a good product!

We are very pleased with the overall design and function of the Simple Pump. It has worked extremely well and I would highly recommend it. We use it about every other day to get water, we have not had any issues, not even in the cold weather. A solid and worthwhile investment.

Received and installed in good order.  A wonderful machine that is a pleasure to use.
Thanks you very much.

My wife and I are elated with the Simple Pump.  Not ever having installed a pump before I was a little apprehensive but it was VERY "SIMPLE" to install. 
When we first talked about a well I wasn't sure if I could put in the pump and thought I would have to hire someone to do it. NOT....
Anyway thanks for a wonderful product.

I purchased my Simple Pump just to be sure that my family would have water in case of any event which would take our power out.  The Simple Pump is a easy, cost effective way to protect my family.  I have not had to use it, but I have peace of mind knowing it is there and ready to go.
Wisconsin USA

I installed the Simple Pump myself.  I read the installation instructions once and watched some of your videos on YouTube.  The installation was very easy and I’m very happy with the pump so far.  My well is right next to my garden and I use it often for watering rather than running a hose 200 feet from the house.  I purchased it primarily as a backup system in case of loss of electric power.  I hope to eventually have a solar powered motorized attachment for it.  I also like the quick disconnect lever handle for security.  Thanks for a high quality product.


I installed the pump myself last Friday. My father purchased 40 acres of raw farmland last year and had a well drilled. The static water level is about 140 feet and the few people I talked to thought that there was no way a hand pump could pump water at that depth. After I arrived at the site I unpacked everything, briefly reviewed the first installation video and started assembly according to the printed instructions. These were clear and easy to follow and soon I had a rhythm going, attaching lift rods and PVC pipe.
After about three hours I finished the final instructions and the pump works flawlessly. It looks great too.
To sum it up:
- This pump is a good value. It’s made of quality parts and looks like it will last.
- Comes with good instructions, both printed and video. I have basic handyman skills and have never tried this before.
- I was able to reach the office for assistance, in one call at 4:00 pm on a Friday.
- I would buy one of these pumps again and/or recommend to a friend.



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