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The quality and ease of use are exactly as advertised.

Had the pump installed today and just wanted to thank you for a quality product...everything was just as advertised...nothing like getting what you pay for...thanks of luck to you...
Walton NY

I installed the pump myself in an afternoon.  The step that took the longest was figuring out what conduit fittings to purchase to make the 180 turn for the submersible wiring. 
I've had 3 visits from people interested in installing their own pumps and all have been impressed.  Although I liked the pump prior to this weekend, it has been invaluable over the past 48 hours after a storm went through our area and knocked out power (I'm writing this from my wife's work, as it is still out!)
Now if you could just design a simple way to keep the food in my freezers frozen without electricity I'd be set.

Good evening My son and I installed our simple pump ourselves. The new well cap was easy to install, just following the directions, and we also shortened and controlled the well wiring during this process.
Putting in the pump worked just as your literature states, and got faster as the process went on. The string did get very heavy for the last 6 or 7 down pipes, so we had to be really careful with the safety device. Using the T-handle made it significantly easier.  Pump head and handle all went on with no problems.
Initial pump up was just about 200 strokes for our 198' depth.  I now pump each week and it takes 10-15 to get water back up to the spigot. We plan to fabricate a canvas cover for the pump and well head, just to make it a little less obvious.
I have recommended simple pumps to both our neighbors--including the one who helped and observed our installation. Thanks for a great product that does exactly what you say it will.  It's also great to buy American.
Colorado Springs, CO

Thank you for your prompt service. Awesome to do business with someone who actually does what they say.   

WE DID IT!!! Only took 2 hours. It works exactly like you said it would. COOL!!!! Actually we got so involved at putting it in that I did not even think to take a video. We are so HAPPY!! Thanks for all of your help!

I installed the pump myself. The instructions were easy to follow and everything went just as is was explained.  No issues. 
We are very excited to have added this to our place.  We have livestock and now we know we will always have water for them and us when the power goes out.  We are also excited to look into how the solar options may benefit us in the future. Thank you for all of you assistance along the way.  Your costumer service was top notch and that gave assurance to your product.  I have and will continue to tell others about the Simple Pump.
Thank You.

Hi, Gary. I just wanted to take a moment to say 'thank you' for a hassle free experience with both purchasing and installing our new simple pump. We built our house 12 years ago and yesterday when we pumped out that first burst of our own water, well it was just amazing! Thank you for a wonderful product and great service.
Montville, Maine

I installed your pump myself.  So now I understand why you call it the Simple Pump. Recently added the 12 volt motor and have put a few hours on it to fill a couple of large tanks we use on our 10-acre property. We don't live there. It's a recreation property and we're off the grid. Your simple pump is a perfect fit for us. Thanks again.   
MN, USA   



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