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Client Stories and Testimonials

We asked the writers’ permission to pass on their stories here — to illustrate how easy Simple Pump is to use and how reliable it is, even in demanding use. To protect privacy, names are not given.

NOTE ON SELF-INSTALLATION: Some stories emphasize incredibly easy installation. This is true for many clients. Some configurations are better done by a professional, and some REQUIRE a professional. We can advise you on this.

Our well guy didn't want to touch the job: We easily did it ourselves

Ready for Anything

Worth its weight in Gold

Getting Prepared

In Africa

Customer pump on YouTube:

Very detailed story of Research and Installation:

What it's like to install and use a Simple Pump

My driller couldn't keep his hands off my pump

60 Years Old

Off The Grid

Living Simply

Never Again!

Why I Bought A Simple Pump

Installation story with video

Saved us at least a week of motel costs

I love my Simple Pump

We do like the Simple Pump

Accessible to Clients

Self-Installed in 1.5 Hours

Firefighter installs at home

Got Drinking Water?

Hermit Pad

In Africa


If I Can Do It...

Looking After the Family

Secure in Tennessee

New Mexico

Prepared in Ohio

Great Product; Great Service

Sense of Security

Some Comments on Service

Check off one more item on my self reliance to-do list

Northern Illinois

Preparing in Oregon

Replacing a Submersible

Cajun Backup Plan

Ready for Power Outages

Home-made rig

Near Tacoma

Alberta, Canada

With Pitless Adaptor

Just Being Practical

Some Short Testimonials


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