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CLIENT STORY: Self-Installed

Page 4: The service we got from Simple Pump was exceptional

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Service from Simple Pump was very good when we needed parts - just a phone call away. And advice was available with respect to installing parts, etc.

How no other pump would work in our situation. (One example is depth: Simple Pump can be used at a much greater depth than any other hand pump.)

The main virtue of Simple Pump for us is 12 V DC operation. We don't need an expensive utility connection. There are other 12 V DC pumps available but they are all diaphragm type and being downhole, difficult to service if they fail.

The Simple Pump also lends itself to windmill operation. We have an old windmill we are restoring and hope to eventually have it drive our Simple Pump.

The pressure capability of the Simple Pump may also become a virtue. Our Simple Pump is installed at about 85 ft. and pumps into overhead tanks about 30 ft. above grade. This summer we plan to install a pressure tank and let the Simple Pump fill the pressure tank and turn off and on with a pressure switch. This should work given the pressures the Simple Pump is capable of, but it might take excessive battery power. We'll see.

Overall we are very pleased with our Simple Pump. We recommend it to people, but they think it overly expensive - there aren't enough 2nd hand ones around available at a discount. To some degree, the equipment expense is offset by the lower cost of being able to install it yourself and repair/service it yourself. Naturally, if it was less expensive, more people would buy it as a back-up pump to their downhole 220 V electric pumps. Perhaps for back-up duty the cheap 12 VDC diaphragm pumps are adequate. But for continuous, primary service, the Simple Pump is best.

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