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Pump Lift: Installation and Use continued...

Pulling the Pump

Preparing for removal: Make sure that the pawl is in the down position.

If it is in the up position, the ratchet and pawl mechanism will not be engaged. When it is not engaged, there is nothing to keep the pump set from falling into the well, after the pinch bolt is loosened.

Loosen the pinch bolt in the split flange to allow the riser tube to move, when cranking starts.

Start cranking. If the pump set does not move upward, it is very likely that there is slippage in the belts. If the belts slip, use a 3/16 inch Allen wrench to tighten the adjustment screws that push the bearing mount down, which then increases tension on the belt.

Pawl in down position, to lift the pump.

Using the channel locks, begin the removal process by removing the riser tube from the stainless nipple.

Remove the 3/4" stainless rod from the topmost sucker rod (left).

To remove the 3/4" stainless rod without damaging it, attach your channel lock (or vice grips) to its flat section, at its top.

Removing pump rod.

Start cranking to expose the top drop pipe for removal.

Bring it up far enough so the connection is accessible. Remove the first drop pipe.

Turning crank to lift pump system.

Centering the Drop Pipe

Sometimes the drop pipe held between the gripper belts starts to track away from their center. More cranking could move the drop pipe so far sideways that the Lift may lose its grip.

This is when you need to move the pump set back downward, and then start cranking it upward again, gently guiding the drop pipe to track correctly.

To Crank Back Downwards

To set the Pump Lift so it will allow you to lower the set back into the well, turn the crank backward slightly, to remove the pressure on the pawl. Then, while holding the crank handle, move the pawl to the upright position (below). Then, you can lower the pump system.

Put the pawl back in the down position to resume removal.

Lifting pawl to be able to lower pump set.

Disconnect the first sucker rod from the second. Use two vice grips, or a vice grip and pliers.

The initial disconnection may be a bit difficult because of the dimple that is designed into the female end, to function as a mechanical lock. It may need more force than you might expect. After you overcome the lock, it will unscrew easily.

Continue the Process Until Finished

From this point forward, the disassembly and removal of the pump is a repetitive process where you are removing 9-foot lengths of drop pipe, sucker rod, and rod guide.

To use the Pump Installation Lift to install a pump

Make sure you also read the manual covering the installation of Simple Pump hand pumps.

Disconnecting the first sucker rod from the second.

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