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Pump Lift: Installation and Use

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Section 1 - Introduction, Specifications, Applications
Section 2 - Content, Tools required
Section 3 - Un-installing a Pump System
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Section 4 - Care and Maintenance
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Section 1: Introduction

Thank you for purchasing the Pump Installation Lift from Simple Pump. The Pump Installation Lift (Pump Lift) uses a manual crank to drive opposing gripper belts for installing/uninstalling a Simple Pump system up to 300 lbs

A Simple Pump system, with its 1" PVC drop pipe, installed down to 325 feet in a well with a static water level of 300 feet, will contain up to 90 lbs. of water, 180 lbs. of Schedule 120 drop pipe and 20 pounds of fiberglass sucker rod, for a total of 290 pounds.

The lifting capability of the Pump Lift is directly related to the belt traction between the pipe wall and the gripper belts. Iron oxide bacteria (slime), algae growth on the outside of the PVC pipe, or any substance that makes the gripper belts slippery will diminish the total lifting capability.

Assembly Parts List

Shipping Weight 40 lbs.
Maximum Supported Lifting Weight 300 lbs.
Gripper belt composition Woven polyester substrate with high coefficient of friction-synthetic rubber; diamond-pattern contact surface.

Recommended Operating Environment and Applications

The Pump Installation Lift was originally designed specifically for use in rural areas in developing countries, but, of course, may be useful to any well company. Reduces the investment in tools and large vehicles required to install most other hand pumps.

Compared to a pump commonly used for deep water applications, the Simple Pump is much lighter. Simple Pump recommends deploying two individuals to install or remove a pump sets serving wells with a static water level deeper than 200 feet. Using the Pump Lift, one person can safely install or remove a Simple Pump in wells with static levels less than 200 feet.

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