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Installation Instructions for the MOTORIZED Simple Pump System
(Scotch Yoke Drive option)
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Section 1: Contents as Shipped and Tools Required

Tools Required

(1) 3/16" Allen wrench for (4) 1/4-20 SS SHCS that attach the mechanism to the pump head. Also used for removing the Crank Arm Roller.
(1) Channel locks
(1) Medium Phillips screwdriver for fastening electrical leads to terminal strip

Contents of Box

DC gear motor and Scotch Yoke mechanism with cover, delivered as one piece.

White protective over wrap on cover to be removed before installation

(2)-6-32X5/16" Pan Head Phillips machine screws in 18-8SS with internal washer -- to be removed to remove cover.
(4) 1/4-20x1" SS SHCS mounting bolts
(3) 25A ATO/ATC automotive-style fuses (for 12V system), OR
(3) 15A ATO/ATC automotive-style fuses (for 24V system)

Section 2: Unpacking, Inspection and Preparation

Carefully remove the Motorized SYD mechanism, bolts (in poly bag) and fuses from the shipping box.

Using the medium Phillips screwdriver, remove the two screws that attach the cover. The picture on the right shows the the position of one of those two screws (on an installed motor). The second screw is in the corresponding position on the right.

Remove the white protective over wrap from the cover.

Simple Pump motor - removing motor enclosure.

Once the cover is removed, you will see the yoke (photo to right). It is installed inside of the SS enclosure, padded with 1/8" foam for protection in shipping.

Remove the yoke and its packing materials. You will require the yoke early in the installation process.

Photo of the Scotch Yoke.

Checking Your Hand Pump is Ready

Your Simple Hand Pump should already be installed and pumping water without any binding and with an overall smooth operation prior to attempting to install this gear motor.

You should confirm that your pump is delivering at least one gallon of water with approximately 25 strokes with the lever handle system (model 100L). If you have the model 125L, your pump should be delivering about one gallon of water in approximately 14 complete strokes.

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