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Installation Instructions for the MOTORIZED Simple Pump System
(Linear Bearing Link Drive option)
page 8

Mounting the Motor and Drive

Lower the motor with Linear Bearing Link Drive Mechanism (LBLD) so that the stainless rod is inserted into 3 openings. 

Orientation: When you lower the LBLD onto the stainless rod, the electric terminals are on the top side. 

The DC motor faces away from the pump head.

As the mechanism is lowered down, the stainless rod moves through, in order:
- The lower linear bearing.
- The yoke.
- The top linear bearing.

Lower the motor with linear bearing like drive onto the pump rod.
The tolerances are tight between the yoke ID and the shaft OD. You MAY need to splay the gap in the yoke slightly, as shown.

Rotate the Linear Bearing Link Drive Mechanism around the pump head until the holes for the four mounting bolts are aligned. There is 1/4" of space between the bearing housing and the top of the rod gland when the holes are aligned. The rod gland is the topmost exposed component on the pump head.

Screw the four 1/4-20x3/4" SS SHCS mounting bolts through the holes just aligned, fastening the mounting plate to the pump head.

Align the four holes for the four mounting bolts.

Lift up the 3/4" diameter SS pump rod 2 inches to make sure that the piston is not sitting on the ball at the bottom of the pump cylinder.

Then using a 5/16" Allen wrench, tighten the two stainless steel socket head cap screws on the yoke.

This pinches the yoke so it is fastened to the stainless rod.

Tighten the drive yoke on the pump rod.

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