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Installation Instructions for the MOTORIZED Simple Pump System
(Linear Bearing Link Drive option)
page 10

Connecting and Operating

Section 5: Electrical Connection

The two wires coming out the bottom of the gear motor are to be supplied with 12 VDC or 24 VDC power. Make sure that your supply wiring is at least 16 gauge and can maintain a minimum of 11.5 volts with the motor at a full load of 15 Amps. Note that the greater the distance to the power source, the higher gauge wire required.

The white wire is the positive (+) power lead and the black is the negative (-). When working on the power connection, put the switch next to the motor in the off position by pushing the button on the bottom side and remove the fuse by pushing and turning it counter-clockwise.

Provisions need to be made in your power supply to prevent operation of the motor when voltage is below 11.5 volts, such as when the battery is nearly discharged.

Section 6: Operation

Once the power has been connected, install the fuse and attach the cover. During the break-in period, leave the pump outlet open or pump through a drinking-water quality garden hose unrestricted. Make sure that nothing is settling on top of the gear motor.

Section 7: Maintenance & Trouble-Shooting


In the standalone motor assembly, the DRIVE has a cover. The motor should also be provided some protection. Alternatives could be
- a small roof with open sides
- a small pump "house" that just covers the well head and pump
- a full-sized pump house


The motor protection fuse will blow if the mechanism experiences a bearing failure for any reason. It is extremely important to replace the fuse with only a 25 amp quick blow 1/4" x 1-1/4" (for the 12V system) or 15 amp quick blow 1/4" x 1-1/4" (for the 24V system). Using a larger fuse allow the motor to overheat, with the risk of possible damage to the gears.

If the fuse has blown for any reason, remove the cover. Lift the stainless rod up and down, by hand. How freely it moves or does not move is an indication of what the motor is working against. The typical reason for difficult movement is pump binding.

Remove the mechanism and stroke pump rod by hand. It should require about 40 lbs. of lifting effort for each 100 feet of static water level depth. If the effort is any more than this, remove the pump head and try again to determine if the problem is in the head.

If you suspect your system is not behaving as it should, do not hesitate to call Simple Pump. We strongly encourage you to call, rather than risking damage.


As long as the Motorized System with the LBLD is pumping correctly and not causing the motor to overload, no maintenance is required for the LBLD motor component that is the subject of this manual.

The pump’s seals must be replaced periodically -- typically every 3 to 7 years. (It can be more frequent for industrial applications, or any application pumping water with a significantly non-neutral pH, or high particulate levels.) Note that all of these are those that must be replaced on any Simple Pump system, no matter what configuration -- driven by hand, or motor. If the flow rate of your pump starts to fall, replacing the seals may well be the solution. Information about the periodic replacement of seals can be found in the INSTALLATION AND MAINTENANCE manual for the hand-operated system.

There is no requirement to oil any of the LDBD system components. Optionally, if you have the cover off, you can apply a bit of lubricating oil on the two points where ball bearings in the drive move during operation. However, do not under any circumstances apply oil to the linear bearings, or the 3/4" x 36" stainless steel rod that moves up and down within those two linear bearings. Also, there is no need to lubricate any component or surface on the motor itself.

Section 8: Warranty

The gear motor assembly is warranted against defective materials and workmanship for a period of 1 year from the date of purchase. The motor load must not be exceeded, and all instructions must be adhered to.



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