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Installation for for the Simple Pump hand pump continued...

Section 5 cont. Pump Cylinder & Drop Pipe Installation continued

Inserting pump cylinder through split flange.At this point you should have a 10.5-foot long assembly that includes the bottommost (9-foot) drop pipe, and the 18-inch-long pump cylinder.

*** The 3 bolts on the top of the split flange should be slightly loose (horizontal arrows, photo on right), and the pinch bolt should be loose (vertical arrow, right). Have your safety tool handy—and another person to help.

Then, introduce the pump cylinder through the split flange that is mounted to the well cap.

Note: As you introduce the cylinder past the split flange, you may find it difficult to move the leading edge past the O-ring in the split flange. You might have to use some Vaseline, or other lubricant, to get leading edge of the cylinder past that O-ring.

The safety tool is then placed on the three bolt heads that mount the split flange to the well cap (below).

Positioning the safety tool.

Lowering the bell end of the drop pipe onto the safety tool.Bring the bell end of the pipe down to rest in the safety tool (right photo). The safety tool will hold the entire set as it is assembled, keeping it from slipping into the well.

Place a rod guide over the protruding sucker rod (below). It will shimmy down into the female bell end, to the point where there is no threading.

Place a rod guide over the sucker rod.

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