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Installation of the Simple Pump hand pump, continued...

Attach the lever arm handle to its bracket

The 24" or 36" lever arm handle is supplied partially pre-assembled. We assemble the clevis, the two brass shims, and the clevis pin to the lever arm.

Separately, the mating mechanism—the lever bracket, the lever link arm and the clevis pin plus shims—are combined into the Lever Link Arm Bracket Assembly.

Put these together before attaching them to the pump head.

Put them on a flat surface. Introduce the first shim between then two mating parts (right).

Use a small screwdriver, or a small Allen wrench, to reach inside, centering the shim.

Push the pin through partway (right).

Then, flip the partially-connect assemblies over, gently push back the pin out just a bit (not shown). This will give you the clearance to install the second brass shim. As with the first side, use the small screwdriver, Allen wrench or something similar to center the shim.

Then, press down on the assembly (not the pin) so the table you are on pushes the head of pin all the way through, upward, toward you (not shown)

Bring the clevis into position above the 3/4 inch stainless rod. Thread it into position (right).

*** The threads are left-hand threads -- you tighten them by going counterclockwise, not clockwise. ***

Tightening the handle clevis.

The lever bracket is brought into position (below). You may have to lift up on the pump rod in order to get the holes to align correctly (below). There are four long cap screws that need to be secured using an Allen wrench.

Attaching lever arm bracket to pump head.

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