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Section 6: Pump Head Installation

Preparation: Check for Possible Sucker Rob Adjustment

When you have installed all the lift rods and their drop pipes, the sucker rod should extend up out of the top drop pipe. You may or may not have to make an adjustment, depending on the number of inches of protrusion.

5 inches of sucker rod protrusion is the ideal.

A figure between 4 and 6 inches is fine.

IF Less than 4 inches of sucker rod protrusion 

Requires the use of 5684RE 1.25" rod extenders. One or more may have been included in your quote. Use the appropriate number of rod extenders to get as close as possible to the ideal 5" of protrusion. But as long is the protrusion is between 4" and 6", it's good. Use Loctite on both the male end and female end of each rod extender.

IF Greater than 6 inches of sucker rod

Requires the use of a longer stainless nipple between the 109DPTBE-48 (top drop pipe) and the bottom end of the riser tube.

In the very unlikely event that you have this situation, you'll have to obtain an adjustment nipple from us. (A short piece of pipe with a male thread at both ends.)


1" schedule PVC pipe as applied by Simple Pump in the role of drop pipe has 1" male NPT threads on one end and 1" female NPT threads on the opposite end. A stainless steel coupler has been threaded on.

Pipe threads are cut by human beings, not computers. This can lead to a small variation in the thread. If the male threads are cut a little shallow, then the male threaded end will not thread into the female end quite as far and the desired 5/8" of engagement may not be possible.  The effective length of the drop pipe will then be long because with each connected length, the string of pipe is gaining perhaps 1/10".  

Ideally, we want 5 inches of sucker rod protruding from each female end, as you proceed through the installation. With this ideal 5" protrusion, the 10" pump stroke will be centered in the available 14 inches of pump cylinder length and the lever arm stroke will be limited by the contact between lever link arm and lever arm at the top and bottom of the lever arm travel. The piston in the pump cylinder at the bottom will never touch the bottom or the top of the cylinder.

If the male threads are cut deeper than the ideal (not likely), then the male threaded end will thread into the female end further than the desired 5/8" of engagement and the effective length of drop pipe will be short requiring adjustment nipples.

Additionally, different individuals may interpret the installation instruction differently, resulting is a slight difference in how far the drop pipe is threaded together.

The greater the number of connected lengths of sucker rod and drop pipe, the more possible it is that these slight variations may add up to needing an adjustment. But for your particular system, you may or may not find need to do this.

Next: Installation of Riser Tube

Install the 1x2 inch stainless steel threaded connector (nipple) on the top of the last drop pipe (below). Hand tighten.

Bring the 3/4 inch stainless pump rod, and thread it onto the upward facing male end of the top sucker rod. Grip the bottom sucker rod as shown (below) There are flats at the top of the pump rod that you can use to get a grip on the rod.

Bring the riser tube (and attached pump head) over the pump rod and lower it down. Do so slowly—there is a 8-inch-long rod gland at the top of the riser tube, so make sure, as you lower it, to align the riser tube so the pump rod is in the very middle, so it can be moved through the more narrow opening of the rod gland.

Apply three wraps of teflon tape to the thread of the 1x2 inch stainless nipple (not shown).

Hand tighten the riser tube onto the nipple. Then using two channel locks, tightening a half-turn past hand tight (not shown). The nipple will essentially disappear so the two female ends will end up being nearly butted.

At this point, the pump set is heaviest—a second pair of hands can help here most.

Remove the safety tool, lifting up a little on the bell end (left). Lower the pump set until the riser tube is at the the desired position.

*** Tighten the pinch bolt on the split flange FIRST, using an L Allen wrench that will allow a serious amount of torque. Tighten the three mounting bolts on the split flange AFTER the pinch bolt. (Doing this in reverse order may cause the pump head to slip slowly in deep sets, where there is a lot of weight involved.)

Connect pump rod to last sucker rod. Install riser tube of pump head. Removing safety tool to lower pump set into working position.

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