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Install Your Simple Pump Hand Pump

We recommend you view the installation video for an overview before using these instructions.

If you are a homeowner, we recommend you have a helper for any installation.


Pay particular attention to anything marked ***.

Downloadable PDF also available, for your convenience

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Section 1 - Introduction, Parts shipped, tools required
Section 2 - Do It Yourself, or Call a Professional?
Section 3 - Inspecting Your Existing System
Section 4 - Replacing the Existing Well Cap
Section 5 - Pump Cylinder & Drop Pipe Installation
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Page 7 Continued
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Section 6 - Pump Head Installation
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Section 7 - Pumping Water
Appendix 1: Exploded View and Cutaway View
Page 14 Appendix 2: Regular pumping and Changing Seals
Page 15 Continued: Replacing Rod Gland

Section 1: Introduction

Thank you for purchasing a Simple Pump. Please carefully read through these instructions. Your time will be well spent.
You will receive your Simple Pump partially assembled. The following section lists the different types of assemblies that you may receive, including whether assembled with other items. Compare the description to the packing list included with you shipment.

Assembly Parts List

PUMP HEAD ASSEMBLY (PHA or PHA-47) is comprised of these parts.

Pump Head
Pump riser tube and head (on side).

Stainless Pump Rod
Only end shown, slightly pulled from packaging.
Actual length about the same as Pump Head with Riser Tube (immediately above).Stainless steel pump rod.

Lever Link Arm Bracket Assembly
Preassembled brackets and hardware. Ready to attach to lever arm and head
Bracket and lever link arm for pump handle.

Clevis, Clevis Pin, 2 Shims
Pre-assembled onto the Lever Arm Assembly, a separate item.

HANDLE (lever arm)
36” or 24”. Clevis, clevis pin and shims are attached.
Simple Pump handles, with graphite-impregnated bronze bushings.

One of these possible well caps:

2” Simple Pump cap with 1.25" split flange port for the Simple Pump only.

Simple Pump's, two-inch well cap.
4”, 4.5”, 5”, 6”/6.25” and 7”/8” Simple Pump caps. Simple Pump well cap. Various sizes avaialable.
6” Boshart clamshell cap. Packaged in its own box.

Split flange. Packed outside Boshart box. To be assembled onto Boshart.

Simple Pump's split flange.

Drop pipe and sucker rod (can be in 9’, 54” or 27” lengths). End shown.
Drop pipe showing sucker rod.
One rod guide per drop pipe kit. Often shipped in a separate container in one poly bag.

Rod guide. Holds sucker rod centered in drop pipe.

Pump Cylinder Assembly:
Cylinder length is about 18 inches. Piston rod protrudes beyond cylinder by about 5 inches.
Two sizes of pump cylinder - five gallons per minute and three gallons per minute.

Also usually shipped

Safety Tool. Keeps the pump set from falling into the well during installation. Seal Kit. For first maintenance 3-10 years after installation. (Number will vary with model.) Check valve with pressure gauge. For pumping into your home’s pressure tank or uphill.

These, above, are the core components. There are other components that may be part of your quote, that are not shown here.

Tools and Materials Needed

Each section also specifies which of these tools are needed for that section.

Allen wrench set (English, not metric. 1/4", 3/16", 5/32".)
2 channel locks: to grip 1-3/4” outer diameter PVC pipe
2 vise grips
Roll of Teflon tape
Bleach/water: 1 part bleach to 20 parts water.
Wire cutters, strippers (if installing alongside an existing submersible pump)
Small tube of Permatex Anti-Seize Compound/Lubricant, available from any auto parts store.  ('High temperature capability’, with copper or nickel versions, is not necessary.)

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