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Installation Procedure for Model ADA100 Rotary Hand Pump

Section 3: Replacing The Existing Well Cover

Tools / Supplies needed
flat file or hand grinder

a) After cutting the casing in Section 2, inspect the outer rim of the well casing. The ADA100 well cover is made to fit a standard 6" pipe. The casing should measure 6-5/8" on the outside diameter. Your new cover has 1/16" clearance. Well drillers often leave torch slag on the casing. This needs to be removed if it protrudes beyond the outside diameter. A sharp flat file will remove it. A hand grinder will also remove the slag very quickly. Make sure the cut is level.

b) Install the ADA100 well cap to the casing using the four Allen head set screws. The ¾” male PVC plug in the cover is for water testing access after the ADA100 is in place. The ADA100 well cover incorporates a taper lock design to hold the ADA100 at the proper elevation with approximately 10 inches of height adjustment. The taper lock collar should be installed on the 2-1/4” O.D. riser tube about 2” up from the bottom of the threads on the riser tube in anticipation of a later assembly step. It may be necessary to use a large flat head screwdriver to slightly pry open the gap in the taper lock collar for easier installation past the male NPT threads.

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