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Installation Procedure for Model ADA100 Rotary Hand Pump

Section 2: Inspecting the Existing System / Removal of Old Pump

Tools / Supplies needed:
3” pocket mirror
Cutting torch or reciprocating hacksaw (Sawzall)

In this section you will remove your existing pump and well cover and inspect your well for any obstacles that might obstruct the installation of the ADA100.

a) Remove your existing well cover. There are so many styles, you will have to figure this one out on your own. It may be necessary to use a cutting torch or reciprocating hack saw to remove the old pump from the casing. When cutting the existing casing, be sure to make your cut at approximately 16 inches from the ground as this will result in a desired final elevation of crank arm drive shaft point of rotation between 32”-36”.

b) Using a mirror reflecting the sun (don't laugh it's the best way), shine down the casing. If you have a straight well, you can see the water reflecting as deep as 200 feet. Now that you have determined that you have a relatively unobstructed path to the water, you can proceed.

c) In our experience, the most efficient way to remove the existing pump is to contact a local well drilling company. They will have a vehicle equipped with a hoist greatly facilitating the removal of the drop pipe string. The most difficult step in the installation of the ADA100 accessible hand pump is the removal of the existing hand pump. Again, in traditional hand pumps, such as the Monitor pump, galvanized steel drop pipe is used. Therefore, the drop pipe string is very heavy. If the well is relatively shallow, the drop pipe string can be removed by hand. Consult the user’s manual for the existing pump for more specific directions on removal. The well driller will also be able to extend or shorten the well casing (tell them your requirements before they get to the site so they bring appropriate equipment). The top of the casing is 16 inches above ground. They will also be able to make the top of the well casing level if asked. This will ensure that the pump will be perpendicular to the ground upon installation.

Note: Due to some adjustability in the pump height, the top of the well casing could fall in a range of 14-18 inches above ground and it will be possible to position the handle shaft at the proper height of 34” above ground level.

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