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Simple Pump is More Economical

There are two ways to pump your water - quickly with high power consumption, or over a longer time with low power consumption. Going the low-power-draw route takes less power, less batteries.

Photo of motor on pump: 150GM Motor Extension KitNo Micro-Electronics to Fry

With no electronic circuitry, the Simple Pump motor is protected against EMPs.

Compared to Submersible Pumps

The reason for our much higher efficiency is that we're not using the same sort of technology. Even a relatively low-volume submersible pump generates much higher volume per minute than a Simple Pump Motor. But a single household does not require the volumes they can produce. If you want to use solar, the low-power-draw Simple Pump can save thousands of dollars in solar panel costs.

There's Nothing Like This

Yes, there are other hand-pumps - (superficially in the same function ballpark as a Simple Pump, although more expensive and not manufactured to the same quality). But none of them has an equivalent motorized pump.

And none of them has an equivalent handpump-to-motorized upgrade path.

There is simply nothing equivalent to the motorized Simple Pump --- whether you go straight to motor now, or want to upgrade your hand-pump in the future.

You Supply the Power

12 or 24 volt DC.
For the integrated solar pump, we supply the power system: solar panels, wiring, controller, timer, etc. For the standalone motor, you supply the power -- from an AC-DC converter, vehicle battery, generator fed battery, solar generator, your home's solar system or a standalone solar system.

Ultimate Water Security

You're cut off in the winter. Maybe for a few days. Maybe longer. Your motor blows a fuse. NO PROBLEM. You take out your Simple Pump handle. About ten minutes later (literally!), the motor is off, the pump handle is on, and you're pumping water.

We'll help you figure everything out

Just send us the details of your situation and needs with our Get-A-Quote Form. Or you are very welcome to phone us (number below).


Motor with Linear Bearing Link Drive

Simple Pump standalone motor with Linear Bearing Link Drive.

Motor with Scotch Yoke DriveSimple Pump standalone motor, with Scotch Yoke Drive.

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