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The Hand-Operated Simple Pump

for Shallow or Deep Well

As backup right beside your existing submersible.
Or to use as your primary pump.

Give's you full use of all your taps and fixtures

With Simple Pump, you can easily pump into a pressurized plumbing system -- or far uphill -- or up to a gravity-feed tank -- or into a pressurized irrigation system --- even from deep wells! NO OTHER HAND PUMP CAN GIVE YOU THIS CAPABILITY!

With other hand pumps, you are delivering water to a bucket, or to a trough or outside tank at ground level.

Standard Attachments

Comes with a US standard hose adaptor on a 3/4" NPT fitting.


Simple Pump is the most capable hand pump (retain use of your home's plumbing system, pump from 325 feet water level, and more.)

It is the best made -- the only hand-pump made with computer controlled machining from aerospace grade lead-free stainless steel and aluminum. (All metal parts in contact with water are stainless steel.)



Standard 24-inch handle
When pumping manually, the unique lever arm pump only takes 12 lbs. of force to pump 5 gallons per minute from 100 feet.

Go Deeper with the optional 36-inch handle
The 36" handle cuts the required pumping force in half! So easy to use, a child can pump up to 5 gallons per minute. This decreased effort also means you can pump more easily from further down - from as deep as 325 feet water level! (More info.)

Easy to Install

If you have a well with a pitless adaptor, you can install yourself (helper recommended). About two-thirds of our clients install their own pump. You only need simple tools such as Allen wrenches and vice grips -- No winch/hoist or specialized tools needed, as with many hand pumps. And no cutting or gluing of PVC required.

Installs in as little as 2 hours. As one client put it, "My dog could have installed this pump if he had opposing thumbs! Totally awesome, and works perfectly."

Or you can, of course, have installation done by your local professional installer.
(If your submersible piping exits through the well cap, then the skills and tools of a professional are required.)

Amazed neighbour pumping water in feet of snow.Freeze-Proof

The Simple Pump is freeze-proof with a 1/16" weep hole drilled at 48 inches from the top fitting, or with our pitless adaptor. (For a deeper frost line, we'll do a custom weep hole further down, at no charge.)

We have many pumps in northern Canadian provinces, Alaska and the northern states in the USA without any freeze issues --- operating 24/7 without difficulty, even in high-wind, freezing temperatures reaching -30°F. (More details.)

Holds Prime

Can hold the column of water for months, and more.


Simple Pump is more affordable than comparable pumps. But the cost-savings goes beyond the initial set up.

So durable, it has a 50-year lifespan. Aircraft-grade, solid billets of metal are computer machined for maximum precision --- much stronger than casting. And because the parts fit together so precisely, wear is greatly reduced. Graphite-impregnated bronze bushings at the three pump-head pivot points further increase durability. Routine maintenance consists of replacing the seals in the pump cylinder and pump head. Replacement times found by most clients range between 3 and 10+ years, at a cost of only $25. (Time will vary with amount of use and condition of the water.)


All components are Safe Drinking Water Act compliant.


If you are away from your property, for stretches of time, you can remove the pump lever and lower the pump head, leaving your pump inconspicuous and protected (as shown to the right).


Many people find this feature compelling — just knowing it's there, whether or not they ever use it...

IF, at some point in the future, you wanted to have a motorized Simple Pump, you just do a quick and easy conversion (approx 10 mins) with the Motor Extension Kit. You don't have to buy a whole new pump. AND if you then have an emergency with the motor, you can switch back to hand-operation, again in only about ten minutes! No other hand pump offers this hand-motor-hand conversion option.

We understand it's crucial a pump works when you need it

We took all the benefits of traditional hand pumps - and improved them. Then we took all the disadvantages - and got rid of them.

The result... an incredibly durable and efficient water pump that can last for generations.

Further details on the advantages of using a Simple Pump are explained on "Why Simple Pump".

And the Simple Pump can fit in most well alongside a submersible. More information here.

We'll help you figure everything out

We'll answer your questions, discuss what you need and tailor our recommended system to YOU.

We are also available by phone or email for questions AND FOR ASSISTANCE DURING INSTALLATION (whether done by you or your professional installer).

Just send us the details of your situation and needs with our Get-A-Quote Form.
Or you are welcome to phone us with questions (number below).


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