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We make access to rangeland water cheaper and easier.

Water is the critical short-supply factor on rangeland, with forage available to support more grazing. More water available at more locations would also provide increased support for a number of native animals, a more effective way to fight fires, and a much cheaper alternative to the unfortunately-frequent use of expensive tanker trucks to get water to cattle in drought years.

Several unique capabilities make it possible for our pumps to substantially reduce the cost of accessing rangeland water, enabling a sensible business case for many more points of access.

Precise manufacturing enables new applications

Our precise computer-controlled manufacturing builds in the flexibility to easily upgrade our hand pumps to electric power. That, alone, is unique. We know of no other hand pump that offers this upgrade path. And you can be assured of an EXACT match between the pump and the motor extension, even years from now.

The motor can be powered in a number of ways. One of our rancher customers drives to his pump on a John Deere Gator, and then connects his idling Gator to the pump to fill the stock tank. Other customers use solar power, some without an intermediate battery.

Our pumps are often the least-cost solution, in part because our precision manufacturing makes them extraordinarily reliable. However, in a sense, that reliability makes remote and often unattended pumping applications possible. Remote and unattended water access points mandate sophisticated design to very tight tolerances that, until now, were unavailable in hand pumps.

Precision manufacturing, and the materials used, also make our pumps narrow yet strong. The narrow profile cuts the required wellbore diameter in half, to only two inches, thereby often reducing drilling costs by as much as two-thirds. In residential applications, its narrow profile allows it to share a wellbore with the existing electric submersible, so water availability is assured during a power outage.

Light for transport, easy to install

Narrow design also makes for a very light weight, enabling pumping as deep as 325 feet beneath the surface (More info). Light weight also makes hauling the pump to the wellbore easy. All the parts required to pump from 200 feet weigh only about 130 lbs, MUCH less than comparable pumps.

The pump is also very easy to install. In the words of one of our customers who installed our pump in Africa:
"Having never installed a water pump, I was looking for something that was not going to take a rocket scientist to be able to understand the directions...We were able to finish in less than an hour without any major problems."

New Possibilities

Precisely because very few know that such a hand pump exists, many never consider looking for one.

Our customers often say that it was important to discover that the hand pump, redesigned with 21st Century materials and manufacturing methods, could be applied in these novel ways. Their discovery has often solved a problem that would have otherwise remained unsolved.

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