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Tap with water: icon representing home use.HOW YOU CAN USE SIMPLE PUMP, FOR YOUR HOME AND YARD

So how is the water actually delivered? Our systems can be used in many ways.

Not Pressurized

The Simple Pump can, of course simply deliver water to the well head, or through a hose connection to another location around your property. You can deliver water to a bucket, hose nozzle or non-pressurized tank.

Pressurized: Into Your Home

As you may have read on another page, our hand pump and our motorized pump both generate more than enough pressure to pump into indoor plumbing -- THE ONLY HAND PUMP that can fill up your home's pressurized water tank and give you full use of all your taps and plumbing fixtures.

You would need just one one extra item, our "CV-1 Check valve with pressure gauge". This can be located on the line beside the Simple Pump, or other convenient location between the pump and the point of delivery. The one-way valve allows you to pump into pressure while preventing the pressure pushing back on the release half of each pumping cycle.

The connection to your home's pressurized plumbing system can be made in a variety of ways...

• Directly into Pressure Tank

Such a tank may be part of your household plumbing, or part of an irrigation system. Pressure tanks have a faucet near the bottom, normally used to drain the tank. For your home's water system, use a drinking water compatible hose or pipe. Using our pressure gauge/check value assembly to prevent pressure kickback, you can pump INTO that faucet to fill the tank.

• Into Outside Faucet

Connect a drinking water compatible hose or pipe from the Simple Pump to a faucet that exits directly from your house. This works only if your house is 25 years or older. Houses built more recently do not have a gate valve that allows water to be introduced from the outside.

• Yard hydrant

A yard hydrant is an OUTLET from your household plumbing for outside use. But yard hydrants are designed in such a way that water can also be pumped INTO the hydrant, thereby supplying water to your plumbing. Just connect a drinking water compatible hose or pipe from the Simple Pump to the yard hydrant, and start pumping.

(If you don't already have a pressure tank, installing one is a simple and fairly quick job for your plumber. It’s a definite plus to have a pressurized water supply. An alternative way to get the pressure is with an elevated gravity-feed tank.)

• Pitless Adaptor

A 6" or larger casing is required. The submersible discharge pipe comes out through the side of your well casing, and runs underground, into your house. The Simple Pump discharge can be routed through our specially engineered pitless and joined with your existing underground pipe. (If your submersible hasn't been installed yet and you know you want to buy a Simple Pump, discuss with us how to mimize cost on the installation.)

Other Pressurized System

You may have a pressurized irrigation system. Pumping into such as system is, of course, as easy as pumping into your pressurized house system, described above.

Pumping Uphill

Another form of pressure to pump "into" is pumping uphill. Again, all that is needed is the CV-1 Check valve.

With a Simple Pump, it’s easy to get the water you need, inside and outside, with or without power.

Read more about pumping into a pressurized system.


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